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About Us

N.E. Group is a full-fledged Industrial and Trading House with wide ranging activities. What started in 1972 as an importer of textile and other consumer products has now diversified its activities into Manufacturing, Project Development and International Trade, Banking, Insurance and Tourism Sectors.

N.E. Group realized at an early stage that the nation's prosperity and progress lies in the development of the industrial infrastructure of the country. Over the years, the Group has continued to dedicate itself to projects that have played a vital role in the development of the country and those that help fulfill the basic needs of the people.

N.E. Group prides itself in its history of success, which can largely be attributed to the vast experience, professionalism and enthusiasm exhibited by its members. The group has superior in-roads on getting business done in Nepal with high-level political relationships, exceptional business acumen and a track record of successful execution.

Looking to the future, Nepal has tremendous potential to be an even larger tourist destination and a base for other blossoming industries. To this end, N.E. Group continues to rigorously pursue opportunities that help the nation reach that potential and maintain its position as the leading gateway for foreign investments in Nepal.