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Mr. Indra Bhakta Shrestha

Mr. Indra Bhakta Shrestha,was a renowned person of the business and industrial community in Nepal, established N.E. Group in 1972. Mr. Shrestha’s venture into business began with textile and commodity trade. Since then, he had taken the group to new heights with investments in the manufacturing and the industrial sector. Mr. Indra Bhakta Shrestha was a former President of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce & Industries (FNCCI and Nepal Chamber and Commerce.Perhaps, more important, is his contribution towards spirit and thinking of entrepreneur and nation.

Mr. Ravi Bhakta Shrestha
Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Ravi Bhakta Shrestha is a leading personality at the forefront of Nepali Private and Public Sectors. He is a Past President of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce & Industries (FNCCI). By gaining the presidency of the FNCCI, Mr. Shrestha and his father became the first father-son Presidents in the history of FNCCI. Mr. R.B. Shrestha is also a past President of Nepal-Korea (ROK) Chamber of Commerce & Industries and has also served the Government of Nepal as the Assistant Minister of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation in 2002.

Mr. R.B. Shrestha’s awards and decorations include: Prasidda Prabal Gorkha Dakchin Bahu "Second", Gorkha Dakshin Bahu "Third", Birendra-Aishwarya Padak and Cavalliere Ufficiale dell'Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana (Knight Officer of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy).

Mr. Kishor Bhakta Shrestha
Director (Trading and Tender Business Department)

Mr. K.B. Shrestha is the Vice President of Nepal Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Executive Director of Greenline Enterprises. Since 1972, he has been involved in various industrial and trading activities including providing local agency and representation services for foreign manufacturers, exporters and construction companies interested in development projects in Nepal. Mr. Shrestha has successfully executed several business contracts in Nepal for the supply of goods and commodities such as Chemical Fertilizers, Newsprint, Writing and Printing Paper, Construction Goods, Equipments and Services for the Irrigation and Hydropower projects.

Mr K.B. Shrestha is also a Charter Member and the Immediate Past President of Lions Club of Kathmandu Capital and the Zone Chairperson for 2010/2011.


Mr. Rabindra Bhakta Shrestha
Director (Business & Development Department)

Mr. Rabindra Bhakta Shrestha joined the group as a Director in August 2010. Currently Mr. Shrestha is also Director at Unilever Nepal, National Ice Cream Industries Pvt. Ltd and Super Religare Reference Laboratories (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd.

Prior to joining N.E. Group, Mr. Shrestha was a Financial Analyst at the Investment Banking Division of Citigroup in San Francisco, USA. Mr. Shrestha has also had work experience from Bear Stearns Companies and Unilever UK. Mr.Shrestha completed his B.A. in Economics from Stanford University (USA) and his A-Levels from Winchester College (U.K.). Mr. Shrestha is a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi (Professional Business) and Kappa Alpha Order (Social) Fraternities.